Imagine a trip, somewhere far away from your office and emails, in the heart of nature, surrounded by mountains and lush forests, where you can nourish your mind and body with daily yoga and meditation, have fresh organic vegan & vegetarian farm to table food, float in a Himalayan crystal salt swimming pool, indulge in daily self-care routines, massage and aromatherapy, ride your bicycle through the hills and explore open fields, day dream in centuries old temples...

We invite you to close your eyes, hop on the flight, and let us do the rest.

Gift yourself this week in the hills of Northen Thailand. Reset and recharge ahead of the Spring equinox... Support yourself through self-care, and simultaneously support "Rapha House," a non-profit organization committed to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

Single Occupancy $2350.00 per person

Double Occupancy $1950.00 per person

*** If you choose double occupancy and want to share it with your BFF, let us know so we can make sure you're in the same room. If you're traveling alone, we will choose a great roommate for you!

What's Included:

- 8 days & 7 nights stay at Muse Flower Spa, an eco friendly gem with farm to table organic food, in the heart of the Northen hills of Thailand
- 3 delicious vegetarian / vegan meals per day, buffet style
- Airport pick up & drop off
- One 60 minute Spa treatment (& discount on additional treatments)
- Crafted workshops: Yoga Nidra, Essential oil anointing & more
- Daily yoga & meditation
- Visit to the elephant sanctuary
- An immersive day of temples & cultural experiences
- Unlimited access to the Himalayan Crystal Salt pool
- Free bicycles to ride in the country side
- All transports to & from designated activities, entry fees and cultural guide
- Free WIFI (available only in common areas for extended relaxation time)
- Complimentary ionized, chemical-free pure drinking water & herbal tea

Sample Daily Schedule

7:00 Silent Mediation
7:30-8:45 Yoga Practice 
9:00 Breakfast
10:30 Workshop, Excursion or Free time
12:30 Lunch
2:00-4:00 Free time
4:00 Workhop (Restorative, Yoga Nirda, Anointing)
6:30 Dinner

*Each day is dedicated to different chakras.
**Subject to change. Contact us for detailed schedule. 

Meet the Hosts

Cathy Dirkx

Yoga is my passion. It allows me to be an eternal student but I also love sharing it. I’ve been a yoga instructor for over 10 years, teaching classes every day at studios all over NYC.  
I also teach workshops and mentor hundreds of students, guiding them through teacher training. As a yoga teacher, mentor and healer my goal is to bring you all the tools I have learned to unleash, from within, your infinite potential & power.
I spent a year living in Thailand traveling all over the country and am super excited to share with you this magical place along with my devotion to making this world a better place, one breath at a time. And I guarantee you’ll come away from this special week relaxed, rejuvenated and changed forever.

nousha salimi

I'm am artist, educator and a wellness alchemist!  
I've been a Yoga and meditation teacher for over 10 years with hundreds of hours of eduction and trainings under my belt and counting... I've been teaching classes and workshops in the US, Europe, India, Dubai ...and mentoring Teacher trainings in NYC.
My passion is to empower every single person I meet with the tools that I have so they can empower others. I've been blessed by these practices (Meditation, Yoga and Plant medicine) and I know the next best thing is to share them with others.
I'm also super passionate about supporting women around the world, standing up for animals rights and caring for our one and only planet earth. My mission is, taking daily steps to make the world a better place. 

Shine Your Light Philanthropy:

Rapha House

Together we can end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children ONE child at a time. 

Founded in 2003, Rapha House continues to rescue and rehabilitate children, while bringing them to lasting freedom. Love - Rescue - Heal is more than a slogan, it'as way of life at Rapha House. After more than a decase of growth, Rapha House is now an international safe house program which practices excellence in the standards of caring for children who have been rescued from traumatic situations.

The Rapha House model is to find native people who are qualified and passionate about combating the issues of child slavery and sexual exploitation in their own countries, and equipping them to combat on behald of these children.

Rapha is a Hebrew word which means "healing." And healing is the heartbeat of Rapha House.

Our mission is to the end the trafficking and sexual 
exploitation of children- one child at a time- through 
aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, 
and awareness for all. 

- Rapha House


"Museflower Retreat is a beautiful and humble hideaway with so much to offer. We had the most relaxing and special time here. Everything at Museflower reminds us how kind and generous Nature has been." 


"Great Ambience. Lovely Team. Really a retreat feeling experience, to relax and reconnect with nature, and a great variety of spa treatments."


"Nousha has been an integral part to my spiritual journey. She is empowering and taught me how to be more confident on and off of my mat. As a yoga teacher, Nousha guides you through very mindful movement emphasizing to care for your body first, and move in a way that feels good."


“When I first met Cathy, before we even spoke one word, I knew she was special. Cathy has a beautiful, nurturing soul that heals, and offers the kind of teaching you can take off the mat into the world. Every time I take Cathy’s class, I feel so happy, because she makes Mondays feel like Fridays - every time.”


Chiang Rai, Thailand

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